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 using console

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PostSubject: using console   Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:29 pm

This is a tutorial to activate console for windows and use the console to control a dedi.

To activate on windows, right click the shortcut

Then click on properties
The following interface will appear

Add “ –console” to the target box. Notice there is a space in front of the “-“

Operating console in game:
Press the ` button (the button next to 1). The following pink “halo(“ will appear on the botton left

Using rcon to do variable server operations
For explanation purposes the rcon password that I will use is 1234
Notice all the spaces and underscores. Commands must be input exactly as is seen.

Rcon 1234 sv_players --> displays the players in the game and respective #
Rcon 1234 sv_kick # --> kicks player with that # (i.e. number next to name when sv_players is executed)
Rcon 1234 sv_ban --> bans player with that #
Rcon 1234 sv_banlist --> displays banlist with players’ #
Rcon 1234 sv_unban # --> unbans player with that # in the banlist
Rcon 1234 sv_password “pass” --> locks the server and makes pass whatever is in the quotes
Rcon 1234 sv_map_next --> cycles to next map
Rcon 1234 sv_map_restart --> restarts the map
Rcon 1234 sv_map “bloodgulch” “ctf” --> changes game to bloodgulch ctf
Rcon 1234 sv_mapcycle --> displays the current mapcycle and the respective #
Rcon 1234 sv_mapcycle_del # --> deletes the map with that # from the cycle
Rcon 1234 sv_mapcycle_add “hangemhigh” “slayer” --> adds map to the cycle
Rcon 1234 sv_mapcycle_begin --> goes back to mapcycle. Used after the mapcycle is edited also.

i will put up detailled gametypes and maps in a different post
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using console
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