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 Changing your name to the ĞIAğ tag

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Changing your name to the ĞIAğ tag Empty
PostSubject: Changing your name to the ĞIAğ tag   Changing your name to the ĞIAğ tag EmptySat Jan 03, 2009 11:18 pm

* NOTE - this is for mac users only

In halo your name can have up to eleven ( 11 ) characters in it.

to enter your name into the site and halo with the ĞIAğ tag, these symbols Ğ ğ are required.

the symbols needed are as follows

to enter into :

alt/option | for 'Ğ'
shift alt/option | for 'ğ'

to enter into halo profile :

alt/option e for 'Ğ'
alt/option 9 for 'ğ'

Remember :
Wear the tag Proud
Represent it with Respect

Kind regards from the ĞIAğ Team™.
Very Happy
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Changing your name to the ĞIAğ tag
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